15 Trendiest Black Braided Hairstyles 2016

By on December 8, 2015

  1. Bob Marley style

The bob Marley style has never really been out of the trend ever since it first came out. Women looking for black braided hairstyles can have this amazing choice of opting the bob Marley hair with heavy, long and twisted two strand braids. The complete hairstyle shows off novelty and uniqueness of personality.

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  1. Heavy French head band

This is another amazing hairstyle for women with heavy and thick hair. The French braided head band is superb choice for a punk party look. The best part about this hairstyle is that it only get prettier as it gets messier.

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  1. The cornrowed bun

This is an interesting hairstyling choice if you are going for elegance and funk all at once! It is a merger of twists and braids tied together in a cornrowed up-done bun.

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  1. The kings crown

Although it may take a lot of time and effort especially if you are making it yourself, but the final results are totally going to be worth all of it. The king’s crown is a special kind of twist braided up-done bun especially designed for heavy, thick and long hair.

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  1. A line side swept braid

This is a brilliant party hairstyling idea for black women! It adds such coolness to the complete personality that anyone can totally fall in love with it. Apart from its unique look, it is also very easy to make. Simply start your French braid from the extreme of one side of the head and move towards the other end.

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  1. French braided bun

The French braided bun has been extremely trendy all time this year. In order to give this hairstyle an interesting twist, you can add golden or caramel colored highlight to the braid.  

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  1. Curved up twisted bun

This hairstyle is another interesting form of the twisted braided buns. For making this hairstyle, you don’t even need braiding of any sort; these are simple twisted knots that make this hairstyle look braided and give away the effect that there’s been a lot of effort put into it.

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  1. Twisted sectioned bun

This is a great black braided hairstyle for women with heavy and wavy hair. The twisted bun on the top of the head is too mainstream, why not try out the sectioned twisted buns?

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  1. Box braids with beads

Box braided hairstyles have been quite in the trend lately. You can improvise the typical box braids by using different kinds of hair accessories like beads, ribbons and colored threads.

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  1. High up braided bun

Up-done buns look exquisite on all hair types and with a little bit of improvisation you can make the top bun look casual and funky OR elegant and professional. This hairstyle is a combination of little bit of both.

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  1. Cornrows with a top done twisted bun

This beautiful hairstyle can give you a perfect escape from hair trouble for a whole week. Cornrows have their way of making into multiple kinds of elegant hair looks. The top done bun is an excellent choice for a vacation or any other occasion.

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  1. Dual twisted bun

Only one twisted bun on top of the head is old school, it is the era of dual buns! You can add a touch of your own creativity for both of the buns.

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  1. Forward box braided bangs

Who says you can’t have bangs with box braids? You might think that box braids limit your hairstyling options, but that’s not true. This is a unique hairstyle for black women with heavy box braids. The hairstyle adds a touch of creativity and recreation to your complete look making your whole personality a total eye turner.

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  1. Full head caramel twisted bun

This hairstyle is a great way to show off your caramel hair color and heavy volume. There is not really any braiding in the hairstyle but it has the cross sectioned hair tied up in a twisted knot forward bun.

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  1. Braided and tied

Cornrows can be pretty awesome to work on. This interesting up do hairstyle uses cornrows of different sizes to create a centered design on the head. It is one of the most interesting black braided hairstyles.

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