15 Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas for This Year

By on December 21, 2015

Blonde is a globally loved hair color for women. The hair color is naturally associated with beauty, charm and glamor. If you are seriously thinking pf turning yourself into a lush and sassy looking blond this year, here is a list of some amazing looking blond hair color ideas.


  1. Honey blonde with dints of platinum

Honey blonde is one of the trendiest and wanted hair color. Although it might take a whole day for you to switch to this beautiful and lush honey blonde hair color (especially is you are switching from dark hair) but the final look is totally going to blow everyone’s mind.

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  1. Warm wheat blonde with dark roots

Wheat blonde is a strikingly sexy hair color. Everyone loves it, everyone wants it, but the tricky part is that it doesn’t suit to just anyone. Wheat blonde with dark roots on heavy and sleek hair can look exquisite glamourous with paler skin tones and light undertones but it is a hard shot if you have darker complexions or rough hair.

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  1. Dark ash blonde 

Ash blonde is the most modern blonde hair coloring choice for young and fresh women. Taylor swift introduced the ash blonde and totally rocked the look with her fair complexion with warm undertones. However, dark ash blonde usually looks awesome with most of the skin tones.

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  1. Honey blonde with platinum highlights

If you are brunette, trying to go for a totally flashy new look – this is the hair color for you. Honey blonde can brighten up the complete personality of a woman. This along with the crazy-awesome platinum highlights worn over dead straight and sleek hair will make you look like a total diva!

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  1. Coffee blonde with dark brown roots

Dark colored roots always brighten up the whole look of a blonde hair color. Coffee blonde contrasts the best with dark brown roots. The darker shades of the hair give away the effect of a stunningly stylish hair style which also looks natural.

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  1. Bronde with darker roots

Bronde is a brand new hair coloring idea which combines the sassiness of brunette and innocence of blonde into a wonderfully stunning merger of both. The hair color rocks the looks of both brunette and blonde.

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  1. Buttery sunshine blonde

Buttery blonde makes the flashiest hair. The sleekness and sunshine effect of the butter sunshine blonde will undoubtedly make you the most attractive person in the room. To make the hair look forever shiny and stunning make sure you book and appointment with your hair stylist every four months.

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  1. Zinc blonde

Zinc blonde has been the most prioritized choice for blonde hair at the start of 2014 and it still hasn’t lost its magic. The warmth of the color has a unique charisma that can make any woman the biggest fan of the zinc blonde.

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  1. Wheat and caramel blonde 

The glamour and appeal of this wonderful caramel blonde makes for a harmonious blonde hair color. The caramel colored lowlights add an exciting twist the complete look of the color making it look sexy and cute at the same time.

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  1. Strawberry blonde with lighter roots

This is a different choice for blond hair colors. It is indeed a perfect coloring choice for mature and professional women looking for a chic twist with their naturally blonde hair. it requires a simple dyeing techniques and will take less than two hours to accomplish if you are a natural blonde.

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  1. dark coffee blonde 

Dark coffee blonde is a stunningly attractive improvisation of the regular caramel blonde. The dark coffee highlighted shades give the hair some magnificently whimsical vibes which make this color very easy to fall in love with.

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  1. burnt ash blonde 

There are a millions of shades of ash blonde and this one is probably one of the bests! The alluring burnt ash blonde looks gorgeous on women with olive skin and warm undertones.

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  1. Sizzling honey blonde 

This is a truly sizzling honey blonde hair color that Taylor Swift boldly rocks with her sleek French bangs. The hair color goes amazingly well with warm undertones and peachy complexions.

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  1. Dual tone Beige blonde

There isn’t a shade of blonde that Jennifer Anniston hasn’t worn and look simply gorgeous! But this one seems like one of her favorites. The best part is that dual tone beige blonde looks stunning gorgeous on all women with warm undertones and tanned complexions.

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  1. Beach sandy blonde

Sandy blonde has been an all-time favorite color of the decade. And the reason is valid enough: the warmth, brightness and glamour of this shade of blonde can rock the fancy popstar look on every woman. If you are natural blonde looking for some fancy and new blonde hair color ideas, this one here can be an interesting choice.

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