10 Perfect and Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

By on December 21, 2015

Ponytail hairstyles are the most casual and funky looking hairstyles. They can be really carefree and low maintenance. You don’t have to adjust your hairstyle every other minute and stay worried if the ponytail is in place, it always is. Ponytail hairstyle are the best for women with round faces and long necks. They make you look young, fresh, active and stylish! Here are some unique and awesome looking perfect ponytail hairstyles.


  1. Sleek and bouncy high ponytail

Up-done and bouncy ponytails can change the whole look of your personality. It looks very sporty and feminine at the same time. For a smoother and finer final look, you can cover the elastic band that secures the ponytails with and extra strand of hair that hides the elastic band in an elegant and beautiful way.

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  1. Ariana Grande Super high ponytail

The classic Ariana Grande style super high ponytail has been the trendiest ponytail hairstyle of the decade! Young girls have literally stopped having new haircuts so that their hair are lengthened and they can easily wear the Ariana style ponytail. The hairstyle is extremely simple to make and looks truly amazing and funky!

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  1. The sophisticated side swept low ponytail

Low ponytails look really lovely and sophisticated. All the low ponytail hairstyles are perfect for professional working women. You can add a little twist to the ponytail by adding a hair pad or back combing the hair for a heavier and delicate look.

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  1. Back combed low ponytail with side swept bangs

Bangs make the perfect combination with ponytails! They cut out the boringness of tied hair and add an interesting look to the hairstyle. Volumize your hair by backcombing and wear straightened side fringed bangs to either side of your head.

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  1. Sleek and straight high ponytail

This is a really simple but cool hairstyle if you are looking for carefree ponytail hairstyles. Gather up all your hair on the back top of your head and tie them into a sophisticated ponytail. Now take a strand form the ponytail hair and roll it around the elastic band. Make sure you straighten your hair before making the hairstyle. Dead straight hair can make this hairstyle look the best!

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  1. Low ponytail with a center part line

This is one of the most decent ponytail hairstyle of all time. The hairstyle itself reverberates bossiness and class. It is important to note that your must have straight hair for this hairstyle to truly look professional. Part your hair from the exact center and secure them at the back of your neck. Use hair spray for a neater and cleaner final look.

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  1. Casual and rough medium high ponytail

This is a beautiful and funky way to wear a ponytail. The strands of hair from the front are purposefully left untied which make the complete hairstyle look gorgeous, casual and fashionable.

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  1. Rough and low

Rough and low ponytails truly compliment square shaped faces. The method is so simple that everyone can make this hairstyle for themselves. The roughness of this hairstyle is limited to just the ponytail hair. In the end, simply use a hair spray to make the rough and low style last longer.

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  1. Triple stepped ponytail braid

An interesting method to wear your ponytail hairstyle is to wear it triple stepped. It looks very decent and classy and it is extremely simple to make. Everyone can make it by their own!

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  1. Twirled tips with a medium high ponytail

Ponytails hairstyles can look stunning with the least of efforts. Take this hairstyle for example, only add some curly twirls to the tips of the ponytail and have yourself an amazing medium high ponytail hairstyle!

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