10 Gorgeous Coffee Brown Hair Color

By on December 11, 2015

One of the most stunning looking and trendy hair colors of all time is the coffee brown hair color. Brunettes have their unique and charming way of getting the attention of all the people in the room. Here are some gorgeous and new coffee brown hair color ideas.


  1. Mahogany brown

Mahogany brown is an alluring hair color for women with fair skin tone and blushing undertones. The hair color really brightens up the complexion and makes it look fresh and healthy.

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  1. Dark brown with golden lowlights

This is a mature hair color choice for professional women with long hair. It gives natural and beautiful vibes to the whole personality making it a total charm for everyone!

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  1. Dark chocolate brown

Dark brown hair is an excellent hair color because it goes with literally all skin tones. You can give your dark chocolate brown hair a playful twist with caramel highlights or golden streaks. It is a superbly sassy choice for young women.

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  1. Chestnut brown

Chestnut colors for hair can look insanely hot! The golden streaks over the chestnut brown give the hair a striking effect. The best part about this hair color is that it really compliments complexions with darker undertones and olive skin tones.

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  1. Light ash brown 

This is a softer choice for coffee colored hair that gives away beautiful vibes of elegance, glamour and kindness. The sleekness of the hair makes the hair color shine which as a result make them look luscious and healthy.

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  1. Chestnut brown with caramel highlights

Dual shaded hair always look glamourous and sexy, especially if they are the two shades of coffee. This hair color compliments longer hair the most. The caramel highlights touch up the complete hair look with sassiness and style.

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  1. Dark coffee brown

When it comes to coffee colored hair, it is not possible that dark coffee brown could be left behind. This one is a lush hair color that truly compliments pale complexions with lighter undertones. Blues eyes look strikingly beautiful with dark coffee brown hair.

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  1. Dark golden brown

Dark brown hair with golden highlights is an exceptionally elegant choice for women with a playful and lively fashion choice. The hair color looks great with locked and medium-short hair.

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  1. Light brown

This is truly warm and kind hair coloring choice for women with medium and long hair. The hair color reverberates warmth, humbleness and loyalty. Plus, the best part about this hair is that it doesn’t need any constant maintenance. This hair color can easy last for a whole year.

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  1. Light golden brown

Sleek and shiny – lush and elegant light golden brown hair color looks simply gorgeous on long and straight hair. The golden highlights brighten up the whole classy and sophisticated look in this hair color. You can wear your hair in high ponytails, braid or wear your hair down the highlights will look exquisitely charming. This is undoubtedly one of the best coffee brown hair colors of all time.

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