10 Gorgeous Asymmetric Haircuts

By on May 3, 2016

Asymmetric haircuts are gorgeous and look extremely edgy and bold on all women. You should know that asymmetric doesn’t only mean side flick hairstyles. It literally means an asymmetric haircut! Such bold and eccentric hairstyles are very much trend these days. Take a look at some of the most amazing looking hairstyles of today. All women love them!


  1. Not so common side flick bangs

How about trying out the side flick bangs with a touch of imagination!? It looks very creative and classy. It can also be seen as an extremely bold improvisation of the bob haircut. You need to heavily crop the hair from the front of one side of the head and keep the hair long from the other side.

10 Gorgeous Asym Hair -1        


  1. Straight and bouncy

If you wish to keep your asymmetric hairstyle as simple as it can get, this hairstyle might be the best choice for you. Keep your hair lengthened to shoulders from one side and cut the hair in an asymmetric bob from the other side. There are a million ways in which you can set this hairstyle and all are brilliantly amazing!

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  1. Pixie bob hybrid

Pixie bob hybrid is a mixture of pixie cut and the bob and it totally rocks the look of your complete personality. The A-line cut makes this hairstyle even more attractive and gorgeous.

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  1. A-line locks

The A-line locks is an adorable hairstyle that gives the cuteness of your personality. A side flick on the forehead is like a cherry on the top for this hairstyle!

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  1. The rock star

Way to go for a super sexy and bold hairstyle! It is rightly called “the rock star” for its edginess and extreme looks of confidence and bossiness.

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  1. Caramel punk

Caramel colors always look exquisite on all hairstyles. The cropped hair make a cool combination of weirdness and sass.

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  1. Rainbow bangs

This hairstyle is an improvisation of Pink’s hairstyle. When her hairstyle first came out, everybody was totally in love with its unusualness and punk. This hairstyle follows the same theme and the rainbow colors make it look more feminine and cute!

 10 Gorgeous Asym Hair -7


  1. Retro bangs with asymmetrical layers

There are a million improvisations of the asymmetric hairstyles. And just like that retro bangs are not left behind. Retro bangs with bright colored lowlights on an asymmetric cut makes the complete hairstyle very peaceful and different.

10 Gorgeous Asym Hair -8


  1. The dimension

The dimension is a common and good looking asymmetric hairstyle. It is a great choice for artistic professional women. It might take up a little courage for you to opt at first but once you get used to its maintenance and style, you are going to love it!

10 Gorgeous Asym Hair -9


  1. Mermaid hair

One of the cutest and most stunning asymmetric haircuts is the mermaid. You can go for any bright colors for your hair, like green, pink, and mauve. It is best worn if you have naturally wavy hair. This hairstyle looks both creative and sassy.

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