10 Best Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

By on August 17, 2016

You’ve never had to deal with the lack of volume or way too thin hair because you were gifted with beautiful thick hair. We surely understand that even thick hair has to deal with its own problems, but at the end of the day, we all want a little bit of that natural volume and fullness that only thick hair can offer. You were told probably to avoid one length haircuts by now and you never thought of trying a bob hairstyle, but you should know that there are so many ways to style a bob for thick hair. You may already heard about the miracles of the layering, but not all layers work on thick hair. Let’s take a look at these 10 best bob hairstyles for thick hair and find yours.


  1. Cheek length bob can work on thick hair with the proper layers. It should be avoided on square faces because it will only make things worse.

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  1. Wavy bob it is perfect for women with wavy thick hair. Add layers to the top to create volume at the crown. If you have straight hair it will take a little longer to make a wavy bob but it will definitely worth your time. It is sexy and fun.

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  1. Straight bob with silk touches! There is nothing healthier than a straight bob on thick hair. Use recommended products in order to achieve that sleek and shiny look.

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  1. Shoulder length bob with bangs goes perfectly on thick hair because of the fullness of your hair it will appear healthy and shiny. Go for straight hair for a more special look.

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  1. Short bob with side bangs can do wonders on thick hair. Whether you have straight hair or wavy, curly hair it will look good on you.

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  1. Soft A-line bob it is a great way to style your thick hair. The ends should be soft layered because you don’t want the volume at the ends. You can go for a blunt bangs too, if you want and you know it suits you well. Or, you can just let it simple!

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  1. Deep side parting bob it is perfect to make an impression on a special occasion. It will give you volume where you need it. Make sure to use styling products to secure your hairstyle.


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  1. Center parting bob it will reveal your thick hair to its fullest. Your hair will appear healthy. Front layers will frame your face perfectly.

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  1. Sometimes all you need is just some sun touches to reflect the beauty of your hair. That can be done with some proper highlights for your thick hair. This technique will create movement and add soft light just in the right places.

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  1. Asymmetrical bob is a stylish way to do your hair, not to mention it is perfect for thick hair. It goes well on both straight and wavy hair.

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